Moschino Toy 2 For Woman

Moschino Toy 2 adorns any girls summer, turning the heat and discomfort into a fresh and pleasant one, yet still sweet enough to make you feel confident, attractive and outstanding. before all space and time. Moschinos breakthrough in design from fashion to perfume does not disappoint loyal fans, when from design to scent, the impression to the vibe is what you will get when you touch it. with Moschino Toy 2. The wonderful blend of Green Apple and White Lyme Your summer becomes beautiful moments never to be forgotten.

Name: Moschino Toy 2 For Woman

Size: 100ml

* Available in Ho Chi Minh City only. For deliveries to other provinces/cities except Ho Chi Minh City, please email us at [email protected] for availability and postage if applicable. (Extra delivery cost may apply for some areas)

** Please note that it might take at least 3-5 business days for delivery outside Ho Chi Minh City.

Moschino Toy 2 For Woman

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