Orchid Plant
These 3 stems of white exotic orchids are a symbol of innocence in most cultures around the world, w..
Gathering Cake
Wondering what to send to your friend on the coming Lunar New Year? How about this pair of square an..
Bamboo Tree 20cm
Bamboo is believed to bring lucks and protection that is especially good for decorating business wor..
Apricot Blossom 100cm
Yellow Petal is a symbol of luxurious prosperity but also affectionate sweet. This 1m tall Apricot..
Orchid Plant 2
Two beautiful stems of pink orchids can be used as a key ingredient in love potions. A floral gift w..
Taste of Tet Cake
Tet is the most important holiday in the year for Vietnam. Therefore, a gift to show your love and c..
Kumquat Tree 50cm
This 50cm tall Kumquat Tree in lively orange theme, designed in a vase will be a "Wishing Best Luck..
Orchid Plant 1
This design represents a delicate beauty with 3 stems of royal yellow orchid in a white vase,which s..
Orchid Plant
This plant is about one stem of purple orchid, as all your admiration, love and loyalty for someone ..
Kumquat Tree 80cm
This 80cm tall kumquat tree , is super festive that brings joy and happiness in a livelyway to your ..
Apricot Blossom 50cm
Lucks also come along with Apricot Blossom in Vietnam. This design of 50cm tall Apricot Blossom Tree..
Bamboo Tree 100cm
This design of bamboo will energize the whole place because it brings good fengshui to not only work..
Family Cake
This is the most perfect gift basket for Tet holiday to send to your friends and family. It includes..
Orchid Plant 4900
White orchids is well-suited with thank you and best wishes. This design with 2 long stems orchids w..
Lucky Daisy
The lucky daisy can be used for improvement inside your home while it helps you attract positive vit..
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