• $58.95

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This womens crossbody bag is made from high quality synthetic leather, soft and durable. The youthful round form and personalized quilted detail bring a new style to your look. Scientific compartment design, you can easily store your belongings when walking around, going to work or traveling with friends.

Disclaimer: Vietnamsgift reserves the right to substitute the color and design of the bag with the same and equal value and size without prior notice to the client to process speedy delivery due to the item being out of stock or unavailable while the highest quality is still being maintained.

* Available in Ho Chi Minh City only. For deliveries to other provinces/cities, please email us at [email protected] for availability and postage if applicable.

** Please place the order at least 1-2 days in advance for delivery to Ho Chi Minh City and 3-5 days in advance for delivery to other places in Vietnam.

*** Please note that outside Ho Chi Minh City delivery may cost an extra fee.