Choco Lovers

Choco Lovers

  • $99.95

If your friends are having bad days, cheer them up with this cute mug and sweet chocolate, they will definitely feel better.

- 2 Ceramic Cups In Black & White

- 2 Stainless Steel Spoons

- 1 Scented candle Box

- 1 Premium Hershey Cocoa Powder

- 1 Postcard Love

* Available in Ho Chi Minh City only. For deliveries to other provinces/cities, please email us at [email protected] for availability and postage if applicable.

** Colours may vary depending on the season.

*** Delivered product might vary slightly from the image shown.

**** Please note to place the order at least 2-3 days in advance.

***** All our products are handcrafted by expert florists that arrange the flowers/plants as similar as possible to the product pictures above. If there are any differences, we make sure that style and value of materials are maintained the same.